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I couldn't be more excited to be on board as an official Catholic Fashion Blogger!  What does that mean?  As part of the  It's Fun To Be A Girl ministry, each week I'll attempt to put together an outfit(s) that's both modest and stylish.  I'm a firm believer that you don't have to sacrifice one over the other!

I'm certainly not a fashion authority, but I do have fun getting dressed and like feeling good in what I'm wearing, regardless of my weight or extra curves.  It's often been a challenge to dress and appreciate my body as it's changed with 3 pregnancies in 4 years.  I am beyond grateful for the gift of my children and as much as I may be tempted to criticize my body now vs before kids.....I've resolved not to go there.  

I absolutely support healthy eating and exercise as part of an active lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight.  But I also recognize that there are things about my body that will not change.  It bears the evidence of bringing three children into the world, the years I served my country as a Marine, and the lines of years laughing and crying through life's most beautiful and difficult chapters. Often one and the same.  As much as I may be tempted to airbrush, crop or edit them out (in real life or photos!), I promise to keep it real here.   

With so many mixed messages about what's beautiful and so many different choices on what to put in your closet, I hope that what you'll find here are clothes that you can have fun putting on, purchase on a budget, flatter your body, and testify to how valuable each of you truly is!

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