Saturday, April 27, 2013

7 Late Quick Takes: Loose Teeth, Babies, and Our Own American Idol

"Late" and "rushed" seem to be my signature move lately, so why stop now.  Joining the rest of the 7 Quick Takes Friday gang...on Saturday.

 1.  Mia's bottom two front teeth have been loose f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  Her adult teeth have already broken through behind them at a creepy sideways angle.  One tooth is borderline dangling, so we need to just pull that sucker out.  I started making her a tooth fairy pillow but haven't finished it yet. Maybe the girl just knows her mom's an extreme procrastinator with no hope for change, and is generously waiting until I get my act together with a finished pillow to show for it until she pulls those babies out.  

2.  It's finally warming up here!  I hope it has for you too!  It's been the first week we've been able to go without a light jacket or sweater, and being that my children are creatures of habit, they are protesting the jacket-less freedom that beckons.  How long will they sweat it out in their car seats fully zipped in a sweatshirt with hood on?  Only time will tell.  But I'm not going to run the a/c on full blast to make everyone think it's still winter much longer.

3.  I have been crazy sentimental this week when it comes to Jack.  There's a good chance he may be our last baby (but only God knows).  Since he and Sully are just a year apart, I constantly think, "wow, just a year from now, Jack will be talking/playing/independent just like Sully".  Sully has turned into a big boy and Jack still has some baby puff on him.  A year from now, I know that the "baby" will be gone, and I'm a wreck.  James assured me that Jack will have "puff" on him for a long time to come, but it doesn't stop all those infant memories (of all the kids) from flooding my mind...

And the puffy guy today...

4.  Then we registered the kids for swim lessons this summer and I thought about how easy it will be to just walk in together without a stroller, diaper bag, and 50 other things hanging off my body this year.  So, it might be OK after all.

5.  Those hooded towels the kids are sporting in #3 are a super easy sewing project.  Literally, two seams!  I shared it on the other blog this week.  

6.  In other news, Jack is obsessed with my iPhone.  He's constantly watching the videos/pics I've taken and is on it more than I am.  He knows how to unlock it, and dial his Daddy's cell phone.  As I discovered yesterday. He's addicted - I'm sure there's a 12-step program out there somewhere for that.

7.  This is Jack's favorite video from my phone.  Ironically, it was an impromptu song Sully wrote himself to convince Jack to share a truck with him.  I think Sully's officially our retirement plan....IF he can manage to keep his hands out of his pants while performing.

Does anyone else have to constantly remind their boys of this?  Or is it just mine?

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!  First round of Beach House pics are coming!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: The photo dump

Hello!  My mom just sent me a message to check in since we've been "off the radar".  To say the least!

I'm sure you're sick of hearing that we've been sick.  It's beginning to turn into an awkward girl-who-cried-sick scenario, but yup, sick again. Like off and on since December sick.  But we're feeling better, and trying not to let spring allergies get us down. I won't whine anymore and just say that I'm grateful we were all well enough to make Mass a full family affair today!

I actually have been taking outfit photos, I just haven't been coherent enough to write up a post.  So lucky you gets a What I Wore photo dump today.   Some of these are church duds and others just randomness mostly shared on Instagram

Here's when spring thought it would be funny to show up like it was going to stay back in March.  I was all excited to bust out the spring color.

green skinnies, polka dot shirt, navy green and yellow
 (Shirt: Old Navy | Green skinnies & yellow belt: Target | Green/Yellow cuff: Downeast Basics)

Then it snowed again and I had to dig out the winter sweaters I had foolishly packed away.
 grey and white polka dot sweater
(sweater: Forever 21)

A missed winter in spring Mass outfit
(All Tarjay)

Another Downeast Basics "love" necklace.  Love!

And it sort of started to warm up last week.  Enough to bare my ghostly white legs (which look paler than usual here).  Would you believe that I'm actually Greek?  Neither would I.
I really love the length of this skirt.  When I first put it on, the skirt just swallowed my 5'5" frame.  Then I added heels, and it magically looked alright.   And it's a super comfy knit to boot!

Kinsi, this shot's for you...
(Top: Target | Skirt: Gap (online sale) | Shoes: swap with a friend | Necklace: Grandmother's | Bracelet: gift)

On the way to Mass I grabbed this pic....driving to church alone with empty carseats.  Normally, I welcome a distraction free Mass, but this is how James and I have done Mass for the past few months.  Tag teaming it while one stays with sick kids and the other goes to church.  He would take the 7am Mass and I would hit the 9am.  A little sad to be solo yet again.

And this was today....
Warm enough for a skirt/dress, but not warm enough for a shorter one.  I'll take it!

(Dress: Old Navy online | Jacket: Forever 21 | Bracelets & Bubble watch: Target)

A girlfriend and I have season tickets to a local community theater here.  It's sort of a standing monthly date and this time I'm excited to be driving the mom-van without the kiddos to meet her.

Hooray for Mass as a complete and healthy family, an awesome homily, and time with a dear friend!  I hope spring has finally sprung in your neck of the woods and thanks to the gals over at Fine Linen And Purple for hosting this fun weekly link up!

I'm going through the mountain of pictures from our TX beach trip and hope to get some up this week. :)

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