Sunday, February 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Gingham & Pearls

James doesn't return from his conference until later tonight, so since I was flying solo with the 3 Littles, I aimed for the 1030 am know, the one with Children's Liturgy for Mia and Sully.  They don't have to sit quietly as long, get much more out of the Gospel reading for that week, and are able to control themselves and sit quietly so much better once they rejoin us in church.  And I only have to wrangle one child for half of Mass.

Too bad, it was cancelled today.  However...except for Jack's inability to whisper and his need to comment on e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. they were all fantastic.  No meltdowns, no fits, no arguments, no innocent hair pulling victims in the row in front of us.  Thank you, Lord!

Today I wore one of the most comfortable outfits for Mass I've donned in weeks.  I've worn this dress/jumper many times before including the One Dress, Four Seasons post and here.  It's a great length so I never worry about having to pull it down or constantly adjust, and the material is super soft.

When I wear it with a collared shirt I tend to feel a little like a school girl or 1950's house wife.  I hoped pairing it with gingham, dark tights and booties would help modern it up a bit.

Of course, I am never alone when I get dressed.  Don't you wish old man button down pj's were acceptable Mass attire?  Or really just OK anywhere out of the house.

I also wore a tiered set of my Grandmother's pearls.  And some pearl bracelets.  And pearl earrings.  Too much pearl?  Maybe, but I'm ok with it.
And yes, that white mark on my hair is a giant GRAY strand.  I had several pop up over the past year and really didn't think it would start in my early 30' I totally living in another world here?  Please give me a virtual slap if I should be glad it didn't start sooner.

My Grandma's lovelies...

Throughout Lent I'm going to stick with the iPhone for these WIWS pics.  Somehow with the phone it's less about posing, it takes less time, and it's less pressure for how the picture (and I) look.  Pressure that came from no one but me.  It also means you will get to look at my peeling bathroom wallpaper and gross carpet throughout Lent since it's the only full length mirror in the house.  Consider it part of your Lenten sacrifice.

If you would like to see how the rest of our Lent is shaping up, you can check out this post here, and you can also find last year's Lenten series here

On a final note, this week I had the pleasure of meeting a friend I met through blogging.  I'm sure you know Stephanie from Captive The Heart.  She has an amazing blog for brides to be and an amazing style of her own that she shares through the WIWS linkup too.  Her hubby had to make a trip to ABQ for work, so she tagged along and we got to chat over coffee....real coffee! In person!  I treasure the connections I've made with so many of you through this blog world, and it's so much fun to actually meet face to face.  Stephanie, thank you for giving Jack and I a few minutes out of your trip!  You are truly a delight!

Rundown on the duds....

Dress | shirt: Old Navy online
Sweater tights | ankle boots | pearl bracelets: Target
Necklace:  Grandmother's

Hop over to Fine Linen & Purple for more churchly outfit inspiration!

Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 207)
Happy Friday, Y'all!  I'm joining Jen for another Quick Takes Friday.

1.  We usually do something special for lunch on Fridays, and since this is the first Friday in Lent we tried the McDonald's fish bites. 

Verdict from the Littles:  no bueno.  Guess we'll be sticking to quesadillas. 

2.  I hope you all enjoyed your Valentines Day!  If you like those sappy "how we met" stories, I shared the short version of ours on the house blog yesterday, and it happens to live here under the "Our Story" tab on the menu bar.  Check it out if you wish.

3.  While playing in the backyard a few days ago Sully brought me this bowl and spoon.  He informed me that it was his special soup. 

When I asked him what ingredients he used, he thoughtfully replied, "Ketchup. Mustard.  Hot Sauce.  And squash.".   Delightful.

4.  This past weekend Mia was invited to a princess tea birthday party.  Freeze dance with balloons?  Best game for 5 year olds ever.  And my friend Shannon makes amazingly beautiful and delicious cakes.  Seriously, she's hired.

5.  James left yesterday morning for a football coaching conference and won't be home until late Sunday night.  What's a girl to do with all that free time to herself in the evenings?  I believe the answer is paint.  The cabinets and my nails.

It may end up just being my nails, but I figure writing it down ups the odds of it actually happening.

6.  One of my favorite things we do in our Catholic Mom's Group is a frozen meal exchange.  Each person makes 3 of the same meal, freezes them, then comes together for a play date/meal swap.  During Lent we do a meatless version, so I came home with 3 meat-free meals including, manicotti/garlic bread, veggie chili/Frito's, and these spinach lasagna rolls.  Delish (thank you, Natalie)!  And so appreciated on a Lenten Friday with the hubs out of town!

7.  As I thought and prayed about this Lent, several things came to mind. I liked Kathryn's take on approaching our Lenten commitment through a 3-part lens of prayer, fasting, and alms giving.  With that, here's how my Lent is shaping up.....

You can read more about how we arrived at this here.

And that does it!  I hope you all get to enjoy a nice long weekend!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Lent 2013

Gosh, doesn't Lent always seem to come at just the right time?  Or am I the only one that desperately needs to refocus?  We let a lot of things go during January the month of the sickos....move over dirty clothes, soiled sheets coming through....goodbye meal plan, hello Little Ceasar's Hot N Ready....set an alarm to wake up early for prayer and quiet, crazy talk.....too sick to go out and play, sure another episode of Super Why sounds great.

We settled into some convenient little habits and never really pulled our heads back out of the fog.  You know that feeling of needing to get back to a better way of doing things.  And thinking about all the ways you will.  And not actually doing them but hoping things will somehow get better?  Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result.

Today I sat with a warm cup of goodness on the back patio while the boys played and finally got my thoughts together.  Sometimes it takes the perfect dose of prayer, fresh air, and pen to paper for me to hear clearly.  Here's how I feel God calling me out of insanity mode...

It might seem like a lot, but this year especially, run not walk is how I'm coming to Lent.   When God gently shows us the ways we have misplaced our worth, our priorities, and our general identity, it makes a season like Lent...a season to "throw off everything that hinders"....a welcome gift.  

I'll share how we're doing Lent as a family in another post.  For now, the nap/quiet time block is over, so I gots ta go :)  I would love to hear how God is leading you this Lent!

*If you're jonesin for some Lenten reads, you can find last year's series on Lent under the "Catholic Chat" tab...or just click here.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Chevron & Trouser Jeans

This is it - the last Sunday before Lent!  I love Lent.  I need Lent.  It hurts so good. 

Today our family is headed in 20 different directions, so I donned the trouser jeans.  I don't normally wear jeans to Mass, but when I do, I prefer trouser jeans (Just call me the Most Interesting Woman In The World...anyone? No? I digress).  They can be dressed up and feel less casual.

These teal beauties are actually wedges (sorry for the lack of picture).  They give me some height but don't make me feel totally clumsy either.

These earrings were a gift from my mom and dad.  I love them and they are a pretty big pop of I usually forgo a necklace when I wear them.

We're off to the next thing on our schedule today, so here's the rundown:

Sweater:  Gap (online sale)
Trouser jeans: Old Navy (online sale)
Earrings: gift
Rosary bracelet: gift

Linking up with Fine Linen & Purple.  Again :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

I swear, without this link-up I may never post anything other than an outfit.  I'll get my blogging act together someday.  In the meantime.....

Plans are well underway for our road trip to the TX beach house with James' family over Easter.  The kids are already making packing include the Toy Story pop up tent, gigantic stuffed lambie, and all 527 stuffed animals that they sleep with.  I say yes.  Daddy's doing the packing.

This was Sully about 2 min after we arrived there the last time (2 years ago)...running out to feed the birds with Grandpa.

I've been feeling really lethargic lately.  I keep trying to come up with a reason for this......abandoned exercise routine?  Nah......pan of brownies I consumed single-handedly?  Couldn't be......Staying up past my old folk bedtime?  Silliness.   It must be something in the air.  Yes, that's it. 

Ash Wednesday is less than a week away and I'm still not sure what my Lenten sacrifice will be.  In the past, I've committed to going to bed early (which affects so many things, including my need for coffee), praying a daily Rosary for a specific intention, no TV during the week.....and I find myself going back to these or similar options. Probably because we tend to struggle with the same things, and Lent is such a blessed opportunity to add or take away something that will help us to refocus.  I'm going to keep praying on it.  Have those of you that observe Lent decided yet?

I had never stepped foot into an Anthropologie store until today (only ogled online).  Is it possible for heaven and hell to exist in the same place??  Darn those price tags...

Sully's explanation for why the 49ers failed to get the job done at the Superbowl:  "The other team must have been bad guys".   Obviously.

Mia saw me playing with this photo app on Instagram...

She is subsequently obsessed with adding hearts to any pictures of her she can find in my phone.  Case in point....

Any poker face is enhanced with hearts.

And lovingly building a nest for the birds in our backyard.

Shared a friend's recipe for chocolate shortbread on the house blog today.  Go make them, inhale them all by yourself, and you too can experience the lethargy that leads to all things unproductive.

Then, go catch up on all the others...

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 206)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Ankle Pants and Chunky Scarves

Last week was a tag-team Mass week for us thanks to more sick kids.  What started as a cold turned into some breathing issues for Jack.  He's mildly asthmatic, so the common cold often morphs into the need for treatments with the nebulizer every few hours.   Our little guy is such a trooper (he's also the only one with a severe peanut allergy in the family), and we were thrilled (and thankful!) that everyone was well enough to attend Mass together as a family!

Today looked promising as far as weather goes, so I pulled out some of my transitional clothes for winter to spring.  I think the cropped ankle pant might be my go-to for spring and summer.  I found a pair on sale online and wasn't sure how they would fit.  I ordered true to size and they were so comfy!  However, next time I'll wear a belt to avoid pulling up and adjusting my pants every time we stood in Mass.
 You can't see the back here, but I'm busting out the "half tuck" with the front tucked in and the back out.  As it warms up, I can swap the classic heels for something with an open toe and roll up the sleeves on the shirt.  Should be an outfit that I can wear for several months!

The top has such a busy pattern that the rest of my necklaces were just lost in it.  A bold color and larger scale seemed to do the trick. Thank you Instagram for the close up of the baubles. 

By the time Mass ended, the clouds were rolling in...along with my cold-weather wimpiness.  I had been on the hunt for a really chunky infinity scarf for several weeks.  I was hoping to score one on a winter sale, but the snood style eluded me.  I spotted this beauty on the Old Navy clearance rack and remembered a tutorial over at Victorius on how to tie a scarf. 

So, I snagged it up and made my own!

Ends tied together, and I had my perfect chunky knit infinity scarf.

I'm sorry for the poor lighting, but I'm wearing it here wrapped around twice.

 And will be plenty warm for the rest of the day.
Vests are also my new favorite layering piece.  They add interest and warmth, which I will always take.  I didn't have any and wouldn't you know, I got 2 for Christmas!  My MIL sent me a super warm chocolately brown one that I wear on those really cold days.  This one is thinner, so it's coming in handy as the weather tries to make up it's mind.  I have a feeling that both vests will still get plenty of use over the next couple of months.

Here's the rundown....

Mass outfit:
Cropped ankle pants: Gap (online sale)
Black and white top: Target clearance rack
Heels (same as last week):  Free!  Shoe swap with a friend
Bauble necklace: $6 via Pick Your Plum website
Jumbo pearl earrings: Target

Cold Sunday afternoon duds:
White skinny jeans and boots: Target
Grey tunic:  Target clearance rack (maternity...for the non-maternity. Not preggos here.  I may need to take out the ruching on the sides to make it less obvious that it's maternity wear).
Vest and scarf: Old Navy clearance

Now that we finally seem to be coming out of the fog of winter sickness, I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule over here.  Thanks for hanging in there with these outfit posts in the meantime! 

As usual, head over to Fine Linen & Purple for more!

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