Sunday, June 16, 2013

We've Moved!!

Not from our house, but from our blog.  We have a new address!  And a new name!  Over the past month we made the decision to combine our two blogs Fresh Coat Of Paint and Crinion Clan into one.  We're giddy excited to welcome you to...

House for Five

The new blog will be the familiar journal you could find at Fresh Coat Of Paint - the DIY adventures of transforming this old house into our home.  We'll just be sharing more about our life as a family of five there now too.  We were nervous to make the switch, but are so excited about the change!  We hope all of you will move over to House For Five right along with us!

Our Welcome post has all the juicy details on why we did it and what's in store at the new blog.  So, come on over and join the house warming!

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