Sunday, December 30, 2012

What I Wore Sunday: A New Spot!

Happy Feast of the Holy Family to you!

Later in the week I'll have more to share on some changes in store for the blogs in 2013, but one of the biggest changes is this here fashion post switcheroo!  

Back in October I came on as a catholic fashion blogger for the It's Fun To Be A Girl ministry (you can click on the "What I Wore" menu tab or the button on the side bar for more on that!), and for the past couple months I've been sharing these "What I Wore" type posts over on the house blog.   

My thought was to connect the fashion posts with some of my style choices within the home (i.e. my obsession with anything bearing stripes).  Not such a brilliant idea.  It only touched on the style aspect of the clothes.....I felt a little cramped talking modesty and new feminism on a DIY house blog.

I think I'll have a little more breathing room over here and hopefully be motivated to post more often on both modest style and faith/family!  I moved the gallery page to this blog.  You can find it under the "What I Wore" tab on the menu bar.  All the links to old outfit posts are there, but still hosted on Fresh Coat Of Paint.  Any future outfit posts will call Crinion Clan home from now on.

So let's get to it!

This was another week where a summer maxi came to the rescue.  I love this dress because it came with a built-in even though it's a summer dress, it definitely has some weight to it.  And really, is there anything more comfortable than a maxi?  

In an effort to do my part in reducing the get-out-the-door-on-time stress in the mornings, I'm trying to shower at night.  It was a late one though and I was too tired to bust out the blow dryer and curling iron.  So it's big, au natural hair around here today.

And it's still pretty darn cold around here, so I wore a pair of grey leggings and my tall riding boots under the dress.

Of course, this whole outfit was buried under gloves, scarf and jacket.   And can you smell my perfume wafting through your computer screen?  That would be "Ode to Bacon".  The Mister finds cooking bacon to be therapudic, and standing in the cloud of his sizzling wake means bacon smell is surely permeating every thread of these here duds. 

The rundown...

Dress & Leggings:  Old Navy clearance
Cardi:  Target, old.
Belt:  Came with another top
Boots:  Marshalls
Earrings:  The Limited

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Catch more Mass finery over at the Fine Linen And Purple party.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Our December

Since the photo posting procrastination continues here in bloggy slackerville, I'm giving you a ridiculous photo dump of our December happenings.  I apologize in advance.

The kids are now clad in new Irish gear thanks to some generous b-day gifts.  We finally managed to get them all in clean shirts at the same time and snapped some pics.  Go Irish!

This year, we got a real live Christmas tree!  Costco, Baby!  A man roughly 2 inches taller than Sully tossed it on top of the car before we could even get on the ramp to help.  I'm pretty sure the kids will be demanding a superhero figurine of him soon. 

James still had to tie that sucker down.  Don't mind his face here.  He was super excited.  Especially with the obnoxiously long length of the rope.  

He was really excited about the kids wanting to help unwind it too (as it teetered back and forth). And about the pine needles.  Really giddy about those.

I'm not sure when lumberjack baby lost his pants, but with those chubby thighs we don't mind.

We didn't do much in the way of Christmas crafts or homemade decorations this year, but we did make a Santa Suit Card Display.  (The how-to is here on the house blog).

 It added just another touch of fun to the kids ornaments and other decorations in the dining room.

In an attempt to avoid the overwhelming gift frenzy of Christmas morning, we let the kids open a few gifts as they came in the mail from our amazing friends and family.  Can't beat new jammies!

My parents joined us for Christmas but my mom was able to come out a week before my dad.  Hooray for Yiayia!

Mia grabbed this picture of us :)

Yiayia let them help her wash potatoes.  She's either very brave or straight crazy.

Or just awesome.

She was also able to see Mia's school Christmas program.  At first Mia was all about a speaking role, but when she had the chance to be Mary (who didn't speak in their play), she changed her mind.

Our budding little thespian at the post-program reception.

We had a few nice days where we could venture out to play in the backyard...

 Jack is obsessed with this hat of Sully's,

...Sully's obsessed with climbing anything climbable,

...and Mia's obsessed with all things Hello Kitty.

Who thought this was a good idea?

Much better.  Have the baby push.

Papa arrived a few days before Christmas!  There were forts to made and played!

I actually made three, so they could each have their own little nook...

...and they all converged in a huddle under here.

The kids were sick in the days leading up to Christmas and they boys were not quite well enough for Mass.  So James and I headed out with the bambina.

When we came home my mom and dad had the boys dressed in their Christmas duds so we could take some family pics.

We also celebrated Jack's 2 year birthday (the 26th) on Christmas Eve!  A ginormous slice of pizza and dessert was all he needed, but presents to open were the proverbial icing on the cake.

 A smores dessert sugar at all.

Christmas morning!  Stockings full...

 and Jesus in the manger!

Before any gifts are opened, we have a tradition of reading the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke and praying over the gifts, the givers, and family & friends.

So many very special things entered our these hand knit scarves from Grandma!

And big boy undies for a big 2 year old boy!  They were off 5 min later.  Mama likes a pee-free rug.  BUT he's worn them several times since and is making great potty progress!

 We said goodbye to my parents the evening of Christmas.  We are so grateful they were able to be here with us!

For anyone still here at the end of the longest post ever, we hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and 2012!  One of my goals in the new year is to devote more attention to this blog and I'm excited to share some new things we have in store for 2013 here with you soon!

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