Monday, January 23, 2012

A Visit From Yiayia

My mom came out to visit for a week while my Dad was at a coaching conference in San Diego.  We had lots of fun playing with our new Christmas toys, showing Yiayia some of our favorite places and getting a few projects done around the house (more on that later). 

The weather was beautiful - nice enough to play outside....

Papa and Yiayia got us a new truck for Christmas!

Oh yeah, I'm licensed to drive this thing..

Helping to clean/sanitize the toys after a big playdate

This is one big puppy!

And a cute one too :)

Thanks for visitng, Yiayia - we love you!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scratch That...

I forgot that we gave him a piece of birthday cake the next day and finally got those messy cake shots we were hoping for.  He had a pretty cute hat from his cousin that he just would not keep on.  Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Baby is One!

Sweet Jack turned one the day after Christmas...we can hardly believe a whole year has passed since we welcomed him to our family! 

We shared dinner with our dear friends Jeff & Katie and their two boys Jack and Tommy the day after Christmas. 

I was a little too excited about Jack's birthday being the day after Christmas and couldn't help myself when it came to the cake...

I'm sure that at some point Jack will get tired of all his birthday parties having a Christmas theme, so I figured I better take advantage of it now while he's too young to notice.

This is a big boy, so I was expecting a big mess. But he was surprisingly neat.

This was the birthday boy at his messiest. Disappointing, I know.

His older brother was surprisingly neat too..

 Happy Birthday, Jack - we love you!!!

Let's Catch Up!

We have a new home...for our family updates and pictures anyway!   

We've decided to move our family's webpage to a blog.  I wasn't doing a very good job of keeping up with our other site and I hope that using a blog format will allow us to give you shorter but more frequent updates.  And of course, still be able to share lots of pics of our sweet kiddos.  Yup.  Them...

To start, we had a great Christmas!  Last year was actually the first Christmas in our new house but we had just moved in a month prior and were expecting baby Jack any day!  I remember putting up the tree and few decorations.....and not being able to find which box our stockings were packed away in until after Christmas.  Drove this OCD girl nuts!

So this year truly felt like our first Christmas in this home.  We celebrated Advent with a family activity calendar.  There was a pocket for each day that held a piece of paper with some sort of family activity.  Some were directly related to Advent and preparing our hearts for this special season (celebrating feast days, Mass, adopting a family for Christmas, etc)...and other activities were just about fun family time together - a drive to see Christmas lights, decorating the tree, special hot cocoa treats, and holiday movies with popcorn.

The kids loved every bit of the wonder and magic of the season and are still asking to listen Christmas music and play with the nativity set. 

December also brought quite a bit of SNOW! Enough to build a snow man...

to take a little taste of something new...

and to strike a pose.

We are trying to get back into the swing of things after being on Christmas break and a month of passing illness and general ickiness around to each other.  Mia loves being back at school with her friends and wonderful teachers.  Sully and Jack continue to lead each other to mischief and all kinds of trouble....but boy do they all make us smile :)

A Week at the Beach

In Novemeber we loaded up the minivan and took her out for our first road the BEACH! 

I had been about 2 1/2 years since we had last seen James' siblings and their children.  3 neices and nephews we had not met yet!  The answer?  A mini-reunion of sorts in Galveston Beach before the holiday rush! 

His parents chose a perfect home to fit all of us for a week, in a beautiful spot right on the water.

That's correct.  You walked right off the deck onto the beach.  I didn't know how I would ever leave. 

As soon as we arrived we had to go straight to the water and stick our toes in.

The kids were beside themselves and the rest of the week was spent doing a whole lot of this...

Another favorite activity was feeding bread to the birds.  Sully couldn't get out there fast enough..

Jack was pretty excited too..

There was really only one day warm enough to swim, so we took advantage of it..

The other days gave us great weather for flying kites..

And even a rainy day for sticker books inside...

And this picture just sums up how we all felt about the week. 

It was an incredibly fun time full of amazing memories.....thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!
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